The Dressmaker. Persephone Reconciling with her Past The Dressmaker. Persephone Reconciling with her Past

May. 06, 2018


The Dressmaker. Persephone Reconciling with her Past

Modern women with leading archetype of Persephone find the very process of healing and reconciling with their past is what gives their life a meaning. They lead by example and inspire others.  

Watched The Dressmaker (2015) with Kate Winslet last Saturday.  I found Winslet character, Tilly Dunnage  to serve a perfect   example of an ancient Greek  myth of Persephone, goddess of vegetation, youth and queen of the underworld. There is a school in psychology that uses Greek gods as archetypes that shape our lives. I adhere to […]
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Reading John Gray Right Reading John Gray Right

Apr. 05, 2018


Reading John Gray Right

In these changing, liberating, gender-fluid times I often see how Gray's "Mars & Venus" ideas are referred as obsolete. I can not agree. But I can remember myself weeping over the pages keenly describing my toxic behavior. It was very tempting to settle at I-Hate-John-Gray phase. I am happy I did not.

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Steve Steve

Oct. 04, 2005



May be I should rename this journal from “Salsera’s Diary” into a “Shitty Car Girl Diary?” Well, truth be said, my car is not shitty. My value system is.

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Алекс Алекс

Sep. 13, 2005



В пятницу приду я на собеседование и меня спросят: "А что у вас получается лучше всего?" А я скажу: "Найти выход из самой сложной ситуации." - А еще? – спросят они А я подумаю и скажу: «Найти в нее вход.» Тогда они тоже немножко подумают и изрекут: «А  какое у вас самое стойкое убеждение?» А я отвечу: «Вера в человечество.»  

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