The Swimsuit Guide The Swimsuit Guide

Jun. 16, 2019


The Swimsuit Guide

There's a science behind looking great in your bikini.

Numerous swimwear websites recommend halter neck swimsuits for  pear shaped ladies. As a pear myself, I know the desired effect of the halter often does not happen. Did you notice that too? Ever wondered why this is so? Back in the day when the “halter-for-pears” advice originated, all bikinis had some intricate tailoring. Note this […]
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120 Degrees 120 Degrees

Sep. 27, 2017


120 Degrees

Our jawline angle defines our personal style. Some of us will find our lifestyle defined by it as well.

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Flocks for cheekbones Flocks for cheekbones

Aug. 07, 2017


Flocks for cheekbones

Flocks can be as mighty as a makeup artist’s bronzer brush, bringing out cheekbones and lifting the low Renaissance cheek up.

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