Why Seasons Do Not Show Up in the Data Why Seasons Do Not Show Up in the Data

Mar. 24, 2019


Why Seasons Do Not Show Up in the Data

Data scientists in the color field do not have access to quantifiable data to ensure credible mapping.

On February 7, researcher Peter Gaston published an article named “Fashion Science takes on Seasonal Color Analysis” on Towards Data Science. He describes the process of building an algorithm that replicates a popular method of finding the best colors that enhance the natural beauty of the individual. The method is called Seasonal Color Analysis (SCA) and […]
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Antique Rose Red Antique Rose Red

Dec. 21, 2017


Antique Rose Red

When a stylist first showed me my best hue of red, I nearly bursted in tears. I liked Signal Red. I did not like my pictures when I wearing it, but I did not connect the dots. I wore it. I needed a different color, but I needed to clean my color palate first.

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Color Story: Signal Red. Color Story: Signal Red.

Dec. 20, 2017


Color Story: Signal Red.

What defines our ability to sport True Red with ease and pose? It is not the hair color, it is the skin tone. It ranges from dark olive to alabaster and varies from cool to warm, but it has one unifying quality.

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