Marathoner Gam & Fouetté Thigh Marathoner Gam & Fouetté Thigh

Oct. 28, 2016


Marathoner Gam & Fouetté Thigh

Your fitness routine can only go as far.. Love your thighs and start living.

Years ago, when I was a budding stylist, I was blessed with an online fellow-Russian friend, a garment construction industry old-timer, who decided I was worthy of gaining her impressive expertise. One of the things I remember catching right away was the jargon she mentioned they used in the old days to describe legs. Basically, she […]
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All Hail the Green Parka All Hail the Green Parka

Dec. 24, 2015


All Hail the Green Parka

Nudity served in the most subtle, sophisticated ways inevitably makes us tick. And buy military-green parkas. But then comes polar vortex.

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