Love & Dove. Not Your Eye Candy! Love & Dove. Not Your Eye Candy!

Dec. 02, 2018


Love & Dove. Not Your Eye Candy!

Appearing undone at the age of 50 in a slapstick comedy, Nina Doroshina made millions of Soviet women laugh and cry as they recognized themselves in the heroine, who knew how to work hard, but felt awkward to kiss her husband.

Ever wondered what Debbie Reynolds, the leading actress of the musical “Singing in the Rain” (1952)  could look  like if she had a bit rougher life, was raised in an image-unconscious environment and had no costume designers  to turn  her into  an eye candy for our insatiable, objectifying retina? The Soviet actress, Nina Doroshina (1934 – […]
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Prom Dress. 1995 Prom Dress. 1995

Oct. 30, 2010


Prom Dress. 1995

Most of us, post-Soviet women had our prom dresses "made out of curtain" or so it looked. And it meant the same thing the curtain dress meant for Scarlett O'Hara: it symbolized our will to survive. 

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