My name is Natasha, I am an image consultant, a writer, an introvert, a salsa dancer and an aspiring pilot.

Working with people as an image consultant  I’ve found that  facial bone structure has an upper hand in defining our  personal style. This idea is central to my work and my writing.

I have come up with the system of two beauty types: the high rugosity bone structure  Z-type beauty, which I also call an Amazon  and the low rugosity bone structure S-type beauty that I refer to as a Siren.   The emancipated, strong boned Z-type beauty receives a lot of support from the modern gender-bending  fashions and pop culture these days.  With their softer looks the  S-types  often desert fashion and shopping altogether, because they receive little visual guidance and tend to struggle with poor body image,  often despite their modest weight.

The goal of my blog is to help my readers embrace themselves in their natural beauty, should they identify with  a Z-type,  an S-type or be an in-betweener.  But I am also a vocal  S-type beauty advocate, because  I see how  these softer types  need a lot of support in the world of gender-bending fashions. I can provide it by sharing my personal journey in style and in health.  I have been diagnosed with UARS (hypopnea) and I share these experiences too. You can find the body of my work on this topic in the Skull section of this blog.

My image consultant career sprang from blogging.  Starting 2004 I kept a diary of my experiences as a salsa dancer in Los Angeles. I covered dancing, sex and relationship matters in my blog, while getting ready to apply for graduate school in anthropology. Once topics of beauty and style started making their way   into my  blog,  more of my readers got engaged asking questions and seeking style advice.  By 2009 I had an image consultant practice with the worldwide clientele base, which   won me over from doing  PhD in anthropology.

I have been authoring  online projects in the Russian language for over fifteen years.  Writing in English is relatively new to me. I resumed  writing  on sex, relationships and gender matters.  I also  like reflecting upon  my experience  growing up in the USSR and post-soviet Russia and finding how all  these different subjects interweave. I moved to California  in  2001 and currently reside in Los Altos with my family.


I am available for  private style consultations in person, in the Bay Area and  in Skype, globally. $150 an hour.  

Talks, presentations, workshops.  [email protected]

Personalized color palettes for shopping and wardrobe audition. $650 [email protected]

Skype scheduling is coming.... one day.

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