Sep. 14, 2017

🇷🇺👇. Oh, the freedom of the circle skirt!! Once you know it, you ll never go back. It seems so unapproachable, so high-maintenance, so ladylike. While in essence it consists of all that powerful secrecy that nature has granted the female species with. This is the most liberating item in any woman’s wardrobe. The abundance of fabric follows you everywhere like a perfume, while hiding multitudes of sins. You can play soccer bare-feet, position your legs comfortably in the least ladylike way and still look ladylike, should you so desire. You can even – WARNING: OBNOXIOUS – pull out your tampax and insert a new one discreetly, providing your keep distracting your party with an intelligent conversation. 🎩💀 🇷🇺🇷🇺. Я в ФБ выложила пост про платье преппи, в клетку. В Инстаграме прислали вопрос “как носить?” и я попробовала сделать “свидание вслепую.” Чуть позже выложу на сайт, пока в ФБ.

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