Jan. 06, 2021

Seasonal Color Analysis Intro

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  1. christine dalby says:

    Hi I am researching the Caygill method as O find the exiting CMB and in the House of Colour too simplistic ! Caygill s book is very expensive now would you be able to refer me to other texts or cheaper versions of her book please ?

    • admin says:

      Hello, Christine and apologies for the late response. I believe her archive is currently available in digital form in Cornel for free. You may want to inquire with the school.

  2. Luz Ruiz says:

    Hi! My question is, can a Summer have warm eyes? I have warm brown eyes and appear to have warm skin but I look dull in very warm colors. I look younger in purple based colors such mauves. I identify myself with the S types, and all the aesthetic. I left a pic of myself.

  3. JEF7REY HILDNER says:

    Hi, Nat. I live in Sacramento. How much do you charge for a color analysis (of me!)?
    Thanks to you–and your honorable, beautiful “aim to restore the legacy of the Seasonal Color Analysis and its founding mother Suzanne Caygill” (about whom I knew nothing before tonight!)–I’m getting quite an extraordinary color and color history education. Given that I’m a painter–as well as an architect and book designer–this education thrills me me! I’ve been on a quest for years now to see myself. Ironically, something I can’t do. Only others can truly see us. We ourselves cannot. I mean literally: WE CANNOT SEE OURSELVES. We can use proxies: mirrors and photos. But they lie. Direct optical viewing of an object, as I do as a painter–looking at the canvas and actual colors unmediated by a proxy–that isn’t something I can do when it comes to viewing, studying, unriddling, and discerning the truth about the primed canvas of myself. And it’s a bummer! I lectured on this topic in Florence for Syracuse University in 2016, titling my talk “The House of the Human Face.” But in the 8 intervening years, I have accomplished little than gaining a foggy and ever-shifting iff sense of my true color ID. I want clarity!!! I am on a quest to Know Myself. And that quest includes knowing who I am color-wise. If you gave me a quiz to name the season types that you show on your intro to color analysis page, I’d get an F. LOL. Only underscoring: I Do Not Know Myself. And when I got to the example attached, I then knew why I have so far failed–and the degree of CI (Color Intelligence) it takes for me to succeed: Yours. As I just texted my girlfriend about your example, “In the Caygill SCA method this woman belongs to Summer, a blue-based cluster. Do you think of cool or blue-based when you look at her? No, neither did I”:

    “That example is astonishing to me . . . eye-opening . . . mind-blowing . . . deep . . . complex . . . but deeply effective in getting at the paradoxical optical realities that exemplify what I’ve been similarly struggling with
    eg. “special palette #27 in the Summer cluster” ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
    #27 ???????!!!!!!!
    And no way she’s SUMMER–she’s AUTUMN!!!!
    but turns out, which I accept (!), as nat laurel explains, she is SUMMER . . .. same season as moi!!!! (Apparently–but am I??? Me with my dark smudgy Chesapeake Bay blue crab eyes with a hint of amber around the iris, ruddy complexion, and silver hair that used to be dark brown??? How could that woman and me both be summers??? huh??????
    No wonder I can’t figure myself out!!!!
    I need nat laurel to figure it out for me!!!!!!!!!

    So I don’t know how much you charge, but please let’s talk. :)

    thank you,


    • Natalia Lavrishina says:

      Jeff, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings on the subject. I found them captivating and it raises so many interesting social and aesthetic topics. I responded to your inquiry about the actual color palette via email.

  4. JEF7REY HILDNER says:

    ^ oops, I didn’t know i was posting that publicly lol / I thought I was sending you a private email, nat . . . oh, well, I hope you’ll see this

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Seasonal Color Analysis Intro