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I am currently working on a new page that describes all my personal style coaching packages. Meanwhile this is a brief description of the services I offer.  Please feel free to contact me with questions at [email protected] or via my Facebook page.   I will answer all your questions and we can also schedule a free 15 minutes conversation.

Decode Your Masterpiece is a  mentorship program that is designed to provide you with  strong theoretical foundation as well as  hands-on skills in the art and science of Personal Style.

Package 1



  • Review of five outfits
  • One hour online coaching
  • 45 Page Brand Archetype brochure
  • $295


Package 2



The Style Highlights is a month long program designed to reveal several of your most befitting colors, get a general idea about  proportions and introduce the concept of Archetype and its role in your personal style. In Style Highlights you send me one outfit a day (except weekends)  and I provide written critique and recommendations  on how to adjust color, silhouette, fabric, accessories and an overall style to best fit you.   In the end of the month we meet for an hour and discuss our findings on your overall aesthetic direction, and I offer general style recommendations.  We can start any time.

  • Review of 20 outfits / pieces: one per day
  • 45 page Brand Archetype Brochure
  • 31 page Style Power Codes Brochure
  • One hour online coaching
  • $ 800


Package 3

Decode Your Masterpiece: Essential


A mentorship program

The Authentic Wardrobe is a three month program that provides strong theoretical background and a hands on experience.  It is a highly structured and sophisticated process that covers all essentials of personal style, such as color, proportions, universal aesthetic principles and also the need to adjust your image for various situations and environment.  It includes general educational brochures as well as  mood boards customized for your individual needs.


  • Color 2 hours
  • Body Shape 2 hours
  • Personal Archetype 1 hour
  • Style 2 hours
  • Wardrobe Building 3 hours
  • 10 hours online/in person
  • $2750


Package 4

Decode Your Masterpiece: Epic


A mentorship program

LEADERSHIP and CHARISMA mentorship program is a six months program that aims to align your inner strengths with your physique to refine your leadership style.  It includes all essentials from the Authentic Wardrobe package and adds a  deep analysis of your leading Archetypes.  The dialectic approach to your personality provides an opportunity to express various facets of your character while keeping your image authentic and intentional.

  • Color 4 hours
  • Body Shape 4 hours
  • Personal Archetype 4 hour
  • Style 2 hours
  • Wardrobe Building 6 hours
  • 20 hours online/in person
  • $5000



I accept payment via PayPal, Zelle and Venmo. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or via my FB page if you have any questions.




Do you do personal shopping? 

Decode Your Masterpiece is a mentorship program designed to teach you master the skill of understanding yourself better, your body and proportions, your personal colors and how your physique  aligns with your inner strengths, via your leading archetype.

I selectively shop for items with the clients who have completed half of the mentorship program.  Usually it applies to  the second half of the Decode Your Masterpiece package three and four.  I do not offer personal shopping services outside of these two packages



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