Aug. 23, 2017

Девчат, написала я про Бриджит Макрон. Ссылка в профиле. 💀🎩. 🇺🇸Comments that followed my previous entry on wearing mini and aging mentioned Brigitte Macron. My Russian readers asked me what I thought of her minis. 🤓 What I have come to realize working with women as an image consultant is that our bone structure ☠️has more to do with wearing mini than our age does. I use bone structure to loosely organize all women into two types: S-Sirens and Z-Amazons. Sirens have softer bone structure 💀and thrive in the Renaissance inspired aesthetics. They usually have hard times making mini skirts work for them even while they are insanely fit and annoyingly young. Amazons on the contrary have stronger bone structure 💀💀 with increased rugosity (a term I borrowed from forensic anthropology for my style blog writings). The increased rugosity has Amazons gravitate towards nature and modern art as their style inspiration. These aesthetics help Z-type women shine and look feminine in shorter skirts, age 7 through 77+ Read more in my B. Macron writeup. Link in bio. 💀🎩

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