Oct. 11, 2017

The controversial @Equinox campaigns share the raw sexuality with the Greco-Roman plot in the European paintings. Namely, Rubens Bacchanal (1615). I dont think the creative directors went all the way to the roots.. They just took clues from the Dolce Gabbana sexually charged campaigns and polished ’em to meet the Politically Correct criteria. Seeing ’em always makes me think of the book by Chris Ryan @thatchrisryan “Sex at Dawn”: “…..if female chimps could talk, do we really think they’d be griping to their hairy girlfriends about prematurely ejaculating males who don’t bring flowers anymore? Probably not, cuz when a female chimp is in the mood, she s likely to be the center of plenty of eager male attention. And the more attention she gets, the more she attracts, because as it turns out, our male primate cousins get turned on by the sight and the sound of others of their species having sex. Imagine that…” Arguably the best book i’ve ever read. And I went all the way from Dostoevsky to Marquez. 🤓💀🎩 🇷🇺Готовлюсь писать про секс. Нужно мне было делать докторскую о сексуальности… 👨🏻‍🎓Категорию на сайте уже сделала.

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