THIS STYLE BLOG  is a cerebral tab on heels, hems and hues. It is also  the next stage of my 5 year-old Russian style blog hosted here, which is a mix of opinion pieces,  hands-on tutorials,   and elaborate, state of the art responses to readers questions.  I am currently working on converting content from my  Russian blog into this new bilingual platform.


Me.  Russian born, Napoli drawn, California based. I started my  blog in 2001 and filled it with stories about my life on the Latin dance floor. Love for dancing and writing about it had me swinging between Los Angeles and Buenos Aires throughout my late 20s.  In my 30s I started  peppering my dance chronicles with fashion  stories and ended up developing a fully blown style blog.

In addition to my dancing past, two passions feed my fashion sense: love for cinematography techniques and a passion for anthropology. The two sources that I continuously use for inspiration are the documentary The Cutting Edge (1992)  by Wendy Apple about the art of film editing, and the book Forensic Facial Reconstruction (1949)   by archeologist and anthropologist Mikhail Gerasimov. (In Russian)

After writing, dancing and dressing on three continents, I  now find myself in the heart of Silicon Valley with two kids. Still dancing.  Still wearing heels.