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Godet Skirts Godet Skirts

Aug. 13, 2015


Godet Skirts

With a letter from a reader I am testing gored skirts classical appeal in the modern world and indulging in a sartorial memoir along the way.  

Earlier this summer a reader named Sophia sent me a letter requesting advice about “a particular type of skirt.” That particular type seemed to crowd her closet, but she did not feel the skirts were doing her justice. She asked what to pair them with and what shoes to pick. One of the options Sophia […]
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What role classics? What role classics?

Jun. 10, 2010


What role classics?

I recently attended a business presentation on the topic of “Negotiating as Women.” Naturally, I cannot recall a single thing discussed as I spent all my energy observing the presenters and analyzing their sartorial choices.

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