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Belt Strategies Belt Strategies

Mar. 10, 2016


Belt Strategies

Making your smart knits smarter.

A recent client, Daria, is in St. Petersburg and I am in San Francisco. With an 11 hour time difference between us, we exchanged information via Dropbox once every 24-48 hours. This reminds me of chess sessions, which, in my childhood, were published in the newspaper. The grandmasters executed their moves via snail mail, which […]
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All Hail the Green Parka All Hail the Green Parka

Dec. 24, 2015


All Hail the Green Parka

Nudity served in the most subtle, sophisticated ways inevitably makes us tick. And buy military-green parkas. But then comes polar vortex.

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Godet Skirts Godet Skirts

Aug. 13, 2015


Godet Skirts

With a letter from a reader I am testing gored skirts classical appeal in the modern world and indulging in a sartorial memoir along the way.  

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