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Цветотипы и Архетипы Цветотипы и Архетипы

Jan. 06, 2021


Цветотипы и Архетипы

Вводный пост для серии статей о Цветотипах по методу  Кейджелл. 

  Скорее всего  вы знаете  Теорию Цветотипов  как деление всех типов внешности на две группы – теплые и холодные. Два холодных:  Зима и Лето  и два теплых: Весна  и Осень. Два темных Зима и Осень и два светлых:  Весна и Лето. В таком виде теория обрела мировую известность в конце 1980-х. Она быстро взлетела, как […]
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La Piscina: Town Square with Water La Piscina: Town Square with Water

May. 06, 2019


La Piscina: Town Square with Water

For almost a decade I tried to understand why Italians include "pool" in the short list of their street signs. The Darkening Age by Catherine Nixey, about the Christian destruction of the Classic world, provided a clue.

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Love & Dove. Not Your Eye Candy! Love & Dove. Not Your Eye Candy!

Dec. 02, 2018


Love & Dove. Not Your Eye Candy!

Appearing undone at the age of 50 in a slapstick comedy, Nina Doroshina made millions of Soviet women laugh and cry as they recognized themselves in the heroine, who knew how to work hard, but felt awkward to kiss her husband.

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Hem: Proportions Restored Hem: Proportions Restored

May. 27, 2018


Hem: Proportions Restored

Style is embracing your imperfections and going gracefully about them. This Ralph Lauren ostrich hemmed dress over Hadid fouetté thighs is an example of just that.

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