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Do Not Turn Childhood Sex Curiosity into Trauma Do Not Turn Childhood Sex Curiosity into Trauma

Aug. 13, 2018


Do Not Turn Childhood Sex Curiosity into Trauma

The harsh ban on little girls' sexual curiosity seems like a prerequisite for feeling of inadequacy some women keep battling all their lives.

My friend was in the pool with her 5-year-old daughter when the girl shared the “miraculous discovery” with her: “There is an underwater  stream and it feels sooooo… good when it gets on my private parts! Let me show you, mom! It feels a little ticklish but more than that! Did you know, mom? Let […]
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Hem: Proportions Restored Hem: Proportions Restored

May. 27, 2018


Hem: Proportions Restored

Style is embracing your imperfections and going gracefully about them. This Ralph Lauren ostrich hemmed dress over Hadid fouetté thighs is an example of just that.

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Reading John Gray Right Reading John Gray Right

Apr. 05, 2018


Reading John Gray Right

In these changing, liberating, gender-fluid times I often see how Gray's "Mars & Venus" ideas are referred as obsolete. I can not agree. But I can remember myself weeping over the pages keenly describing my toxic behavior. It was very tempting to settle at I-Hate-John-Gray phase. I am happy I did not.

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Antique Rose Red Antique Rose Red

Dec. 21, 2017


Antique Rose Red

When a stylist first showed me my best hue of red, I nearly bursted in tears. I liked Signal Red. I did not like my pictures when I wearing it, but I did not connect the dots. I wore it. I needed a different color, but I needed to clean my color palate first.

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Color Story: Signal Red. Color Story: Signal Red.

Dec. 20, 2017


Color Story: Signal Red.

What defines our ability to sport True Red with ease and pose? It is not the hair color, it is the skin tone. It ranges from dark olive to alabaster and varies from cool to warm, but it has one unifying quality.

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