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Watch Thy Scye Watch Thy Scye

Aug. 07, 2017


Watch Thy Scye

When scye helps you defy gravity.

  I posted another daily look on Instagram and one of my readers caught me contradicting my own style advice. “Didn’t you recommend against V-necks for a body type with narrow shoulders and childbearing hips?” read one of the comments on the picture of the sleeveless wrap-shirt. I did and I still do. Blessed with a pear-shaped body I […]
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Flocks for cheekbones Flocks for cheekbones

Aug. 07, 2017


Flocks for cheekbones

Flocks can be as mighty as a makeup artist’s bronzer brush, bringing out cheekbones and lifting the low Renaissance cheek up.

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The Decembrist Wife The Decembrist Wife

Mar. 08, 2017


The Decembrist Wife

Digging deep into a Russians psycho to find a complex version of a Bond Girl in there. Angie, think twice!

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